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NTSA, Bolt Kenya hands over safety kits to boda boda riders

The National Transport and Safety Authority (NTSA) in partnership with Bolt ride-hailing Kenya has handed over safety gears to boda boda riders in Nairobi county aimed at reducing fatalities on the roads.

Speaking during the handing over at All Saints Cathedral Auditorium, NTSA safety programme director Samuel Musumba stated that the boda boda sector has brought numerous benefits, adding that the sector is one of the movers of Kenya’s economy.

He said according to a recent study, it was estimated that nearly every day, the boda boda sector pushed close to Sh500 million.

Musumba further highlighted the importance of the boda boda sector to Kenyans in that it created employment hence enhancing the riders to sustain their daily life.

“The number of registered figures show that the sector has created employment for one million seven hundred people in the country,” Musumba said.

The Director at the same time discussed various challenges being faced in the sector, saying that the boda boda sector has contributed to the highest number of road accidents mostly caused by lack of training among the riders which has killed more people than any other transport sector.

“From January to the end of September. the number of lives lost due to accidents is approximately nine hundred and forty-one riders and three hundred and twenty-four passengers,” said Musumba.

Additionally, Musumba urged boda boda raiders to obey traffic rules like any other motorist, saying, “You should ensure that you wear helmets to protect from head injuries and have chest guards to prevent chest related complications,” he explained.

Musumba however, advised riders to embrace a good culture and not to be used in committing criminal activities and applauded them for being disciplined during the August election.

“The ongoing amending of the Traffic Act will soon look at enforcing speed rules among the riders,” Musumba said.

The occasion was also attended by approximately three hundred bolt boda boda riders who were issued with helmets, reflectors and first aid kit to ensure their safety on roads.

By Theresia Kiio and Irene Mwende


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