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NTSA issues digital driving license in Mandera

The National Transport and Safety Authority is conducting a five days’ exercise in Mandera which aims at issuing all qualified motorist with licenses in Mandera County.

Speaking during the exercise at Huduma Centre in Mandera East Sub County, Mandera County NTSA official Diana Mutheu said the Authority opted to offer the digital platform after realizing the raising demand for driving licenses in the area.

“We are here because we have realized a high demand for driving licenses in Mandera, we  issued over 2000 driving licenses last year and are looking forward to serve more applicants this year,” said Mutheu.

Mutheu however noted that since the authority moved services to the border county, cases of drivers getting fake licenses had reduced significantly compared to previous years.

She however encouraged all motorist to go to driving school for training and acquire the right documents for them to be issued with licenses. She noted that these days every institution requires a motorist to have a digital driving license to be offered a job opportunity.

“I want to encourage anybody who aspires to become a driver to go to driving school before going behind the wheels but we plan to have an office in Mandera in the near future’ he said.

According to National Transport Safety Authority Kenya, the main objectives of introducing licensing to qualified drivers helps to reduce road carnage and related offences to ensure road users were safe.

The Smart license will also combat fraud and increase trust in the transport sector. Every motorist is required to part with Sh 3050 in order to be issued with this digital license.

With digital licenses repeat traffic offenders might lose points and consequently lose their licenses for good as every driving offence attracts deduction of a point from one’s data.

This NTSA smart digital driving licenses resembles National Identification card and contain personal data including your Blood Group. It has a secure computer chip containing the driver’s information, and it’s only readable through special electronic gadgets which are owned and managed by NTSA officials.

By Charles Matacho


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