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Nyamira Commissioner vows to embrace teamwork

Newly appointed County Commissioner (CC) for Nyamira, Mr. Michael Lesimam has vowed to embrace team spirit in executing his leadership duties.

Lesimam promised that as the County Coordinator for National Government Services, he will bring on board all government departments and relevant stakeholders to ensure that citizens access government services in an efficient and effective manner.

The CC made this statement during the handing over-taking over ceremony at Nyamira headquarters where he was replacing Mr. Amos Mariba.

“My new and first appointment as CC is a great honour and privilege and I promise to work with everyone to ensure that citizens get the best service at the same time ensuring that our county is secure,” Lesiman stated.

“I’m grateful for the mentorship I received from my predecessor Mr. Mariba whom I worked under while serving as Deputy County Commissioner (DCC) for Borabu Sub County before heading to Nakuru West sub county where I am now coming from, and I emulated most of his leadership skills which have illuminated and sharpened me to this level,” he alluded.

Mr. Mariba, the outgoing CC who has been moved to Nyandarua County acknowledged cordial working relations with various departmental heads both in the county and Sub County level and requested the same be accorded his successor for the best interest of Nyamira residents.

“We supervised and coordinated implementation of various government development projects to completion like construction of roads, equipping health facilities, undertaking water projects, last mile electricity connection, Digital Literacy Programme (DLP) in primary schools, among others. These projects have tremendously impacted on the lives of the people of Nyamira for the better and I’m confident that Lesimam will ably supervise the remaining ones to completion,” Mariba affirmed.

“The support you rendered me while coordinating this county is the same support I will request you to accord Mr. Lesimam to ensure that the security, law and order which has been established is maintained,” Mariba urged.

By Deborah Bochere

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