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Nyamira launches digitization of civil registration records

The  Nyamira County Commissioner (CC), Amos Mariba has launched the digitization of birth and death records in the area.

Mariba appealed to the youth who have been deployed to undertake the one-month exercise to have a positive attitude towards the exercise, because such short-term assignments when done diligently, will give them credit for long-term job opportunities in future.

“Strive to undertake quality work because any errors will definitely be detected by mechanism installed in the digital systems and it will implicate on your wok,” he advised.

The  CC  further explained to the clerks that this kind of assignment is rewarded in accordance with individual results, thus the more the work done by a person, the better the pay and vice versa.

The  Regional Officer, Alex Chege who is also in charge of the software used to digitize the data said they are working round the clock to ensure that the system runs smoothly and assured the clerks that they will add power backups so that their work is flawless even when there is a power blackout.

He said that the paramount data which must not be left out during the data entry include date of birth, sex of child, place of birth, informant date, entry number and name of the mother.

“When any of the above information is not recorded, the information of that particular person will be treated as incomplete by the system and it will be automatically sent back to you to do all the necessary corrections before it is received by the verification clerk,” clarified Chege.

The  Nyamira County  Civil Registrar, Josphat  Gori said they are targeting to digitize 514, 986 certificates as a county and out of 153 clerks deployed, 114 are data entry clerks who are supposed to enter a minimum of 150 entries in a day, while confirming that at the close of business Friday, a total of 35,560 entries had been done with 19,000 verified.

The CC challenged youths to embrace technology since it was currently the way of many governments in the world, to enable them access and earn from virtual job opportunities, which will not necessarily require them to be physically present at their work places.

“Digitization of data will help our government curb forgery of official documents, a trend which has become rampant with people taking shortcuts to break laid out procedures. It will also enable those who were never captured during the Huduma Namba exercise to be listed and the habit of carrying hard copy documents when accessing government services, which require the certificates will now be thing of the past, added Mariba.

Digitization of record on births and deaths by the department of civil registration is a countrywide exercise which commenced on Monday this week and will take a period of 30 days to digitally secure the documents.

By  Deborah  Bochere

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