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Nyamira schools celebrate exemplary KCPE results

Students, parents and school administrators in many of public and private schools in Nyamira broke into song and dance after their schools posted sterling performance in the just released Kenya Certificate of Primary Education (KCPE) results.

St. Andrews Kagwa head teacher Peter Momanyi Nyamweya said he was very excited for scoring the highest mean score of 381 marks since the school was started in 1989.

The first student scored 423 marks with 44 candidates scoring 400 marks and above, 135 candidates scored between 350 to 399 marks and 5 candidates scored 300 to 349 marks.

“We are grateful to the Almighty for this impressive performance and I thank all the parents, teachers, Board of Management and the church for their collaborative spirit and tireless support to enable us greatly improve in the performance we are celebrating today,” Momanyi stated.

Mr. Eric Abuga, a parent to Joe King’oina who scored 410 marks, thanked the teachers for the consistent follow up they gave to the students and parents in ensuring that the candidates remained disciplined and were on track academically.

“The school’s highest mean score since its inception will remain in the annals of history because the current 844 syllabi have been phased out this year,” Abuga commented.

Eronge Adventist Boarding Primary school which has maintained a consistent history of coveted performance for decades equally performed well this year.

The school’s head teacher Kepha Bwana confirmed to press that out of the 350 candidature, 36 candidates scored 400 marks and above with their leading candidate scoring 413 marks, 197 candidates scored 350 to 399 marks, while 93 candidates recorded 349 to 300 marks, 21 candidates scored 250 to 299 marks and three students got below 250 marks.

“We are happy and satisfied with the scores of our candidates because it has shown a true reflection of their academic capabilities even before they did their final examination. I thank their teachers who were dedicated, parents who were committed and the Board of Management which was supportive. Though our mean score slightly drooped, we are very proud of our score,” the head teacher said.

He further pointed out that he was excited to usher in the new education syllabus which is competency based and not examination oriented because it is holistic, less relaxed and it will give them an opportunity to rightly place learners on where their interest is.

Other schools which celebrated impressive performance were Nyamira Down Forest School who had their best candidate score 424 marks and the school had a mean score of 402.

The school registered 15 candidates and their last candidate scored 370 marks.

Meanwhile, Alimo Academy’s 30 candidates attained a mean score of 395 with their best candidate scoring 408 marks. Royal Metropolis with a candidature of 68 students attained a mean score of 382 and their highest candidate scored 416 marks. St. George’s academy registered a candidature of 130, had a mean score of 368 and their first candidate attained 418 marks.

The Cabinet Secretary (CS) for Education Mr. Ezekiel Machogu while officially releasing the KCPE results assured that selection and placement of these candidates to various secondary schools according to their performance will commence on Monday, November 27 so that parents would have sufficient time to adequately prepare to enroll their children to the secondary schools they would be selected to join.

By Deborah Bochere

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