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Nyandarua is hungry, says governor

Nyandarua Governor Dr. Moses Badilisha has said the county was facing starvation due to dwindled harvests in parts of Ndaragwa, Turasha and Ol Jororok, exposing residents to hunger.

Addressing the third County Assembly Monday, Badilisha noted that the current situation was a real threat to life and the dignity of residents, who mainly relied on agriculture to earn a living.

“We are however glad that the government subsidized fertilizer has come at the right time at the onset of short rains season, but henceforth we need a sustainable intervention for food security,” he said.

At the same time, the governor called for a paradigm shift in service delivery, while promising a seamless relationship that will ensure residents get value for their money.

He singled out budget alterations, regretting that the past bad blood between the local assembly and the executive had halted development, calling on the assembly to adhere to the laid down law that only allows for one percent variations.

“I will soon be bringing a supplementary budget that will be aligned to my manifesto and the priorities of the people. Too much alteration is the reason we have too many stalled projects and huge pending bills,” noted the governor.

Badilisha promised to deliver one flagship project in every sub county, noting that all Level 4 hospitals will be upgraded.

He also called on the assembly to adopt the model and help him actualize the dream that will be a success for all and not just a political tool to achieve selfish ends.

The county speaker Steve Waiganjo, while noting that the inaugural address was not subject to questioning or debate thereafter, pledged the assembly’s commitment to fulfilling its mandate, for the benefit of the people of Nyandarua.

By Anne Sabuni



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