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Nyeri children to get free rheumatic heart diseases screening

The  County  government of Nyeri  will  be taking an audit of the prevalence of both rheumatic heart and rheumatoid fever diseases in children  below 18 years  of  age.

The  County’s Health department has partnered with Mater Misericordiae Hospital to conduct a free screening exercise on Saturday.

According  to  a  dispatch from the County’s Executive Secretary for Health Services, Dr. Rachel Kamau, the screening process will specifically  target primary school pupils and will be held at Mathari Primary School starting at 8.00pm.

The  Rheumatic  heart  disease is a complication of rheumatic fever in which the heart valves are damaged. Rheumatic fever on the other hand  is  an inflammatory disease that begins with strep, also referred to as sore or scratchy throat.

The  two  ailments can strike people of all ages although children below 5 and 15 years are more susceptible.

Symptoms  included  developing  very  painful, swollen  and  red  joints mainly around the knee, ankle, elbow or shoulder.  Short-lived skin  rashes  may  also feature  while  treatment  mainly focusses on a regiment of antibiotics.

Dr. Kamau  is  now appealing to parents and guardians to avail their children for screening.

And  although  she was not explicit on the next cause of action after establishing the prevalence of the two diseases, it’s widely expected that  the  county government  will undertake to treat those found to be compromised.

By  Kiamah  Wamutitu

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