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Tension still high following border killings

Tension  continues to be high in the North Horr Constituency, Marsabit County with the security in the area on a high alert  after the killing of 11 people on Monday following a dispute over a watering point.

The  attack which left two people wounded and another four missing from Ulan village happened after the two warring sides  attended a peace meeting over a disputed pool of water where their Ethiopia neighbours allegedly opened fire on them.

Pius  Yatani  Wario, the former MCA Turbi ward, North Horr constituency, Marsabit County said that the militia surrounded  the elders and killed them on spot with most of the elders who were slaughtered in their mid-60s.

Wario  observed that the supposed peace meeting was well-planned and coordinated to butcher Kenyan elders who were unaware  of the heinous intentions of Ethiopia’s officials from the said area.

“It is really unfortunate that the killing was orchestrated and executed by Ethiopian Administration commonly known as  Waradha of  Dhio and Mega area and Hassan Huka from Mega area who are in fact well known to the Kenyan elders from  Gabra community,” said Wario.

Wario  further alleged that the massacre was carried out by the knowledge and in the presence of the Ethiopian District  Commissioner  and the Regional Police in their official uniform and they know the identities of the perpetrators.

“It’s  so  sad  that the incident was reported after it occurred at the nearest police station but the police never reported the same to the higher authorities,” Pius  Yatani lamented.

Wario  stated  that  Forole  is located right at the border and its national police reservist had been disarmed by the county  security committee despite protest by the locals who clearly saw beforehand the security loophole.

‘’We  have credible information that the same people are planning another attack in Forole anytime and the urgent action  needed to arrest those two senior officials,’’ Pius stressed while giving a media brief in Nairobi  on Wednesday.

He  stated  that the foreign settlement carried out in Kenya is a direct slap on Kenya’s sovereignty and integrity and must be taken seriously and dealt with immediately.

By  Melodious  Kemunto


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