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Parents challenged to take up their responsibilities

Parents  in Bungoma County have been asked to take up their parental roles in a bid to deter children from going to the  streets.

Speaking  on Tuesday  while marking the World Orphans’ Day celebrations at Kanduyi Children’s Home in Bungoma, a  Children’s  Officer, Linet  Atieli  urged parents to take their parental roles seriously.

Atieli  said  that  most of  the cases they receive in the children’s office were of child neglect which are rampant due to poverty levels  where most women report their husbands in order to get child upkeep.

She  added that since some children were being neglected by their parents by failing to provide for them basic needs they  end up running to the streets, adding to the increasing numbers of urchins.

The  Children Officer called on women to look for income generating activities which will enable them cater for the needs  of  their children instead of depending on their husbands who may be there today but in the future may be gone.

Atieli  said  it  was  the responsibility  of  both parents to provide for their  children and be role models so that children  can  be useful members  of  the society in  future.

She  cautioned those parents who neglect their children that stern measures will be taken against them, including being  jailed.

The  officer  called on all stakeholders to help in curbing the street children menace, saying for it to be dealt with once and for all it requires the concerted efforts of all stakeholders.

By  Maureen  Imbayi

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