Nyeri city FC appeals for financial aid

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Rware City FC, a Nyeri County based football club is seeking financial support from well-wishers to facilitate its day-to-day operations.

According to the team manager, Joshua Mwangi, despite Rware City FC being the leading football club in Nyeri, it does not have a reliable financial sponsor to support its activities.

Mwangi, who is appealing to corporate entities in Nyeri County to come to the rescue of the club, also warned that the club’s financial situation is so dire that he fears it might lead to the collapse of the team if the issue is not addressed.

“Rware City FC is the leading team in Nyeri, but we have a very big challenge with flow of cash. We mostly depend and survive on the little contribution we get from well-wishers who are ardent football fans,” Mwangi said.

Mwangi’s words were echoed by the team coach, Abdalla Ali, who urged the Nyeri business community and their fans to support them as a way of boosting the morale of the players.

“Most of our fans just feel good when they associate with this team. I just wish they can chip in financially and support the players to continue shining,” Ali said.

Mwangi has also warned football clubs managers to desist from engaging in politics while managing their clubs. Citing the crisis at the Football Kenya Federation (FKF) that saw Kenya get banned from world football, he said that most of the issues affecting upcoming sports clubs had arisen from the tendency by the managers to use the clubs to further their personal interests.

“Let us separate politics from sports at least for the sake of nurturing young talent. Our players will suffer if we bring politics in managing these football clubs,” he said.

Despite being a local sporting outfit, the club has signed up players from other counties as a way of improving its competitive advantage over other local teams like Marafiki FC.

Mwangi has said that the team is currently playing at Division Two which is the third level according to the Kenyan Football league system. This means that the team is two tiers away from participating in the Kenya Premier League.

“So far, out of the 10 matches we have participated in, we have won eight and drawn twice,” Mwangi stated.

By Ann Ngure

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