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Nyeri to launch carbon credit programmes

In a pioneering move to combat climate change and promote sustainable development, Nyeri County Government has unveiled plans for a carbon credit programme.

The initiative aims to harness the county’s abundant tree cover and forest resources to generate carbon credits, which could be sold to support environmental conservation and uplift local communities including farmers.

Speaking at FK Hotel Nyeri during Multi-stakeholder validation workshop for the ongoing development of Participatory Climate Risk Assessment (PCRA) and County Climate Change Action Plan (CCCAP), Nyeri CECM for Water, Irrigation, Environment and Climate Change Fredrick Kinyua stated that he has engaged experts to explore ways of capitalizing on carbon credits for the benefit of local farmers once the necessary funds are secured.

Kinyua added that Nyeri County boasts an impressive tree cover of 45 per cent, one of the highest in the country, and a forest cover of 40.89per cent.

On recognizing the potential of this natural asset he said the County Government, led by the Department of Water, Irrigation, Environment, and Climate Change, is consulting with donors and experts to secure funds and develop a comprehensive strategy for the carbon credit programme.

He also said that carbon credits play a vital role in reducing greenhouse gas emissions and mitigating climate change. By investing in initiatives such as tree planting, forest conservation, and clean energy projects, carbon credits enable businesses and organizations to offset their carbon footprints.

“These credits can then be traded on the carbon market, providing a financial incentive for sustainable practices and contributing to global efforts to combat climate change,” said Kinyua.

He noted that the implementation of the carbon credit programme in Nyeri County holds tremendous potential for various stakeholders since it offers an opportunity to support local farmers engaged in tree growing by providing them with financial benefits once the funds become available.

This he said will not only enhance their livelihoods but also encourage the expansion of tree cover in the region.

The programme will also contribute to environmental conservation efforts by incentivizing sustainable practices.

He said selling carbon credits derived from the county’s vast forest resources will not only reduce carbon emissions but also promote reforestation and the preservation of critical ecosystems.

Kinyua also said the carbon credit programme aligns with Nyeri County’s commitment to protecting its natural heritage and safeguarding the environment for future generations.

Also the introduction of the carbon credit programme is expected to attract investors and businesses that value sustainability by purchasing carbon credits, these entities can enhance their environmental credentials and demonstrate their commitment to corporate social responsibility saying this creates a win-win situation, with businesses contributing to climate action while benefiting from a positive brand image.

By Beth Ndirangu



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