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Governor Nyong’o distributes tanks to help in fighting Covid-19

Kisumu Governor, Prof. Anyang’ Nyong’o, flagged-off twenty water tanks to be distributed across seven Sub-counties to scale up war against spread of Covid-19 in the area.

The utility with a capacity of 10,000 litres each will be used in different schools and selected health facilities.

“I flagged off twenty, 10,000-litre tanks to schools that have been facing severe water problems across the County. Provision of Clean water is contained in my manifesto,” said Nyong’o.

Nyong’o said that the tanks will help in sanitation at a time like this when the Covid-19 situation in the County is alarming.

He said pupils and students engage in various untidy games and activities, thereby, interacting with others, a move that if ignored may lead to a rise in infections in the institutions.

The water from these tanks will, therefore, help in washing of hands and generally, sanitation in these institutions if properly used.

“Rainwater, if properly managed, is good for health. Where there is no piped water, we will provide the tanks,” he said.

He reiterated that sanitation and cleanliness is a weapon in fighting the Covid-19 pandemic in schools and public facilities and therefore, the distribution of the water tanks which has now been done thrice, will go a long way, addressing the scourge.

The Governor urged the residents to continue following the directives issued by the Ministry of Health to help fight the pandemic.

By Lorine Awino and Joseph Otieno

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