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Nyumba Kumi ‘saves lives’

In  Nakuru Town, Nyumba Kumi has turned out to be a saviour in disguise during these uncertain times of the Covid-19 the outbreak.

Comradeship  within the clusters has proved to be the strongest link for the vulnerable families whom fellow neighbours have ‘adopted as their family members’ and are ensuring that they do not sleep hungry as long as they are in their midst.

The Champion of the initiative, Elder Elkanah Owili of the Seventh Day Adventist Church (SDA) said since the setting up of Nyumba Kumi, they have taken it upon ourselves in Shabab Estate to know each other well and all the other leaders of the estate.

“At first, our major concern was security but after sometime, we became acquainted and started doing many things together such as assisting during funerals and even fundraising for school fees and medical care. We now have a set-up which is similar to a close-knit village,” he stated.

Owili said when the covid-19 pandemic crisis started and they realized that some of their members were struggling with food, they decided to adopt them as their own family members and the leader in the plot picks whatever little donations of food or money from the other houses and leaves it at their doorsteps. However, he said all the rules of social distancing were being followed and they mainly communicate through social media.

He added that they do not consider religion or tribe since they are simply implementing the powerful religious teaching that one’s brother and sister was their neighbour, and in towns’ set-ups, nobody chooses their neighbour, it just happens.

He appealed to the Christian community wherever they were not to waste this golden opportunity by looking inward and assisting only their church members because this is a great chance to spread the gospel through love and care without preaching.

The government introduced the Nyumba Kumi initiative in the Kenyan community policing cycle through a Presidential Order in 2013 aimed at ensuring safe and sustainable neighbourhoods with regard to security.

By  Veronica Bosibori

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