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Obado Want Groups to Use Donor Funds Wisely

Funds received from donor groups meant to improve livelihoods of locals should be used prudently.

            Migori County Governor Zachary Obado speaking while giving out cheques to 5 agriculture producer groups at Migare Agriculture Training Centre  in Rongo Sub County urged beneficiaries to direct funds to intended projects as projected in their proposals.

According to Obado, beneficiary groups will have their projects monitored by officials from the County Government and donor funding representatives. “I urge you to use the money following the way you placed your proposals to the donors,” Obado said.

He further directed Members of Migori County Assembly to ensure the projects being implemented in their Wards change the livelihoods of the locals.

“You members of the County Assembly should have an oversight role in the use of this money,” the Governor told the MCAs present.

The governor said that if donor funds are used prudently it will spur economic development among the people of Migori County.

He said that the donor groups get unhappy when the money sent to change the livelihoods of target communities don’t achieve the intended aim.

County Executive Member in Charge of Agriculture Valentine Ogongo also present during the event said implementing officials will scrutinise the intention  of the groups before  officials are allowed to withdraw the money from their accounts.

Ogongo lauded groups that have done well in the use of previous donations or other forms of funding adding such groups should be used as a benchmark.

            “If you misuse the money we will take you to court and you will be jailed,” Ogongo warned farmer groups receiving the cheques.

            Through the National Agriculture and Rural Inclusive Growth Project, five Producer Organisations in Migori County will benefit from Chain Investment Grants amounting Sh 28.9 million.

            Top beneficiary Rongo Dairy Cooperative Society received Sh 10 million, Ekerege Cooperative Society receiving the lowest amounting Sh 3.5 million.

By Geoffrey Satia

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