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New Fertiliser Brand Hits the Market

Yara East Africa Ltd has launched a new fertiliser brand by the name Microp to provide farmers with an alternative product.

The company’s marketing manager John Meshack said the fertiliser has been proportionately blended so as to increase the crop yields.

“The nutrient composition is Nitrogen 17%, Phosphorous 29%, Sulphur 6%, Zinc 0.2% and Potassium 6% which is a superb blend for high yield in maize, wheat and other crops,” he explained.

The official was addressing selected farmers from Kakamega, Bungoma, Vihiga and Trans-Nzoia counties at a Kakamega hotel on Wednesday.

He said they came up with the product, which is available for planting and top dressing, after doing soil analysis in various regions which showed that most of the soils were deficient of zinc.

“The crops need zinc in small quantities but it is an important ingredient that boosts the crop yield,” said Meshack.

The manager added that Phosphorus helps in root development, potassium for stomatal closure while magnesium and Sulphur enhances photosynthetic activity.

He stated that they have developed Yaravita Procote which laces the fertiliser granules with a zinc coating to ensure high performance of the crop.

by Sammy Mwibanda 

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