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Obado wants floods prone areas left for farming

The  Migori Governor, Zachary Obado has urged Nyatike Sub County residents to settle on higher grounds and leave areas affected by floods for farming.

He said  frequent floods in Kabuto, Nyora and Sagama in Nyatike Sub County has heightened poverty levels, a situation the Governor described as ‘needing alternative settlement’.

“Vacate lower grounds and move to the higher grounds to avoid being affected by floods,” Governor Obado told floods-affected victims in Nyatike on Monday.

Over 200 affected people camping at Ageng’a chief’s camp in North Kadem received mattresses, beddings and food from the County Government of Migori.

He assured them that they are safe in the campsite and directed camp leaders to ensure no one should move out without proper advisory.

“Let no one come and direct you on places to camp; we have our special people who can direct you to safer places to ensure your safety during this rainy season,” Obado said.

The Governor said the county will incorporate other well-wishers who can help to assist the affected people in terms of food, medical assistance and shelter if necessary.

Speaking in the same function, Migori County Executive Member in Charge of Agriculture, Valentine Ogongo encouraged Nyatike residents to utilise the rains to plant more trees, fruits and even food crops.

Governor Obado and his team visited flood prone areas Ageng’a, therefore Obado visited Kabuto,Nyora and Ageng’a.

At least 150 homesteads have been reported swept away in Nyatike constituency of Migori County as fears of heavy floods gripped the people living in the lower parts of River Kuja, River Migori and Oyani following the heavy rains pounding the region.

The affected homes in the villages of Sagama,Angugo,Nyora and Kabuto Central were swept away by the water from irrigation canals within the Lower Kuja Irrigation scheme.

The Governor, who was also accompanied by Migori County Commissioner, Joseph Rotich, who urged local leaders to ensure residents stay in safe grounds during this rainy season.

By  Geoffrey  Satia/Effy Awuor

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