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Warring Mandera clan elders hold peace parley to ease tension

The  Mandera Governor, Ali Roba has asked the Garre and Murule clans to coexist harmoniously and  desist from perennial clashes that have seen loss of lives and displacement of persons.

In  a press statement, Roba asked the feuding clans to immediately put arms down to allow  dialogue to take place.

Roba  asked the community elders and national security teams to fast track the peace process for  the development of the region.

The  four days forum brought together a 21-member committee to bolster peace between the two warring  Somali clans.

The committee members who included political leaders, elders and national government security  teams resolved for a ceasefire between the two clans where deadly clashes have seen displacement of communities who have been fighting over land and resources, the statement said.

A resolution was reached for seven out of the nine issues raised during the stakeholders’ consultative forum.

Among resolutions reached are that the long history over boundary feuds by the two clans needs  to be resolved by June next year, immediate implementation of the 2005-2008 Umul and related  peace accords reached between the two communities in the past, while other issues included  contestation over pasture, water and grazing land where one community blames the other for  invading pasture lands.

The  committee agreed on resolving past conflicts by use of peace accords and in line with Somali  customary laws, including payment of masala in terms of camels, immediate cessation of all feuds  should begin with immediate effect. Roba said.

The  Mandera County Commissioner (CC), Onesmus  Kyatha  urged the clan elders to sit down and resolve  the stalemate  for once and for all.

Kyatha  said police would be in full control of the contested Yedho region until normalcy is attained in the area.

By  Dickson  Githaiga

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