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Official warned over collusion with contractors

The  Bomet County Commissioner (CC), Geoffrey Omonding, has cautioned government officials against colluding with contractors to defraud the exchequer funds meant to improve people’s lives through development projects.

Omonding made the remarks during the County Development Implementation Coordination Committee (CDICC) held in his office on Wednesday, adding that it was criminal for Departmental Heads both in the National and County Governments to collude with contractors to steal government funds in the name of projects.

He said those who had the tendency of exaggerating the cost of the projects from conception, planning and implementation have their days numbered as his committee will follow them.

“Our committee comprises of personnel from President Delivery Unit which includes all professional in government service will see that the government gets the value of its citizen’s taxes,” Mr Omoding said.

He pointed out that political and ‘brief-case’ contractors had no place in the current Kenya as citizens are informed of their rights.

“We are operating in the current Constitution of Kenya 2010 which gives the citizens’ rights to play their rightful roles in all projects through public participation framework,” he said.

Omoding noted that some contractors were found hiding behind the Presidency programmes and projects whereas there was nothing happening on the ground and money had been set aside.

The CC at the same time, lamented that government projects proved to be too costly since officials hide the money to be stolen with the Bill of Quantities (BQ), adding that the government will be deploying private professional to evaluate the BQs before inception of projects.

The Presidential Delivery Unit Director-in-Charge of Bomet, Kericho and Narok counties, Ms. Khadija Ahmed, said that her department will be visiting all National Government projects in the three counties.

“I caution all of you here today, if you know that there is a project under you just on paper and yet there is nothing to show, please report to the County Commissioner for necessary action before we come for you,” she warned.

During the meeting the departments of Water, Infrastructure and Health made their presentations.

The  Managing Director for Water and Irrigation, County Government of Bomet, Eng. Beatrice Ruto, said that it was difficult to report on some of the water projects in the County since they were contracted at the National level without involving the County Government Officials.

“Many of the water projects are done by the National Irrigation Board and others, either by National Water Harvesting Authority or Department of Agriculture and they don’t involve us,” she lamented.

The Committee visited Longisa County Referral Hospital and Ndanai Level 4 Hospital to inspect the usage of Health Managed Equipment which the National Government leases on behalf of County Health facilities at the cost of Sh.200 billion annually.

By  Joseph Obwocha

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