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Peace caravan head to Baragoi

A  peace caravan  set  off  from Maralal town headed to Samburu North in an effort to foster peace among communities living in Baragoi town and its environs.

The five-day exercise with the theme ‘Amani Baragoi Ceasefire Mission’ was flagged off on Tuesday afternoon by the Samburu Central Deputy County Commissioner (DCC), Moses  Muiruri.

Muiruri  said that the peace caravan consisting of the community policing mobile unit, Samburu Peace corps, religious and political leaders and elders and from both Samburu and Turkana communities  will spend five days along the Maralal Baragoi road preaching peace.

“The peace caravan will make stop overs at the contentious Morijo center, Marti center, Charda and eventually Baragoi town in an effort to unite the ever warring Samburu and Turkana communities,” he said.

The  DCC noted that the peace efforts aimed at ending cattle rustling which often leads to the death of young morans as well as ending highway banditry along the Maralal-Baragoi-South Horr road.

Joseph Longonyoo an elder told KNA that peace in the volatile north can only be achieved if stolen livestock are recovered and returned to their owners and from there the two communities can join hands and seek peace.

“Many families have been rendered poor after cattle raids. Do you think they can engage in peace talks before their cattle have been recovered?” he posed.

By  Robert  Githu

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