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Oguna lauds media in covid -19 campaign

Government Spokesman Col .Rtd Cyrus Oguna has lauded the media for complementing government efforts in containing the spread of Covid-19.

Oguna said the media has actively informed and educated the public on the disease impacting positively on reducing the cases in the country.

“If you go to all corners of this country people are aware about this disease and the measures put in place to contain it because of the aggressive campaign carried out by the media,” he said.

He pointed out special tailored programmes on radio and national television which have gone a long way in driving the message home.

He urged the media to sustain the momentum to ensure that the war against the deadly disease is won.

Speaking in Kisumu on Wednesday, Oguna challenged the media to create more awareness on Covid-19 vaccination to ensure that more Kenyans take the jab.

Vaccine uptake, he said, was still very low despite the government procuring enough doses to reach many Kenyans.

The media, he said, must step up campaigns to educate Kenyans on the need to take up the jabs.

By Chris Mahandara

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