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Ojaamong urges churches to adhere to Covid-19 containment protocols

The  Busia Governor, Sospeter Ojaamong on Sunday implored churches to adhere to the set Covid-19 protocols and regulations to ensure safety of congregants.

Ojaamong  made the appeal at Katakwa Anglican Church in Teso North constituency, where he attended his first church service after the government re-opened places of worship last month after a long closure following the Coronavirus outbreak in the country in March 2020.

He said Coronavirus is real hence all places of worship across the country must observe the health guidelines developed by the Interfaith Council to the letter to prevent the disease form surging.

He said: “The President’s good gesture to re-open places of worship should be reciprocated by churches and mosques observing the guidelines that include social distance, washing hands with soap regularly or staying at home and conducting their services for not longer than 1hour.

“Covid-19 has become the world’s worst enemy, claiming the lives of many people irrespective of their socio-economic status. Not even State House, Courts, Ministries and state corporations have been spared from the pandemic,” he said.

The second term governor urged Busia residents to always seek for medical services whenever they feel unwell rather than wait until they require emergency services adding that Covid-19 has no vaccine or specific cure.

“Once you get infected know that it is you and your God. You should therefore be very vigilant and avoid disregarding the laid down guidelines,” he stated.

According the Interfaith Council Places of worship were allowed to reopen on July 14 but only to those that will have complied with the Health protocols developed by the Interfaith Council that was appointed by President Uhuru Kenyatta.

Before reopening of places of worship last month the National Interfaith Council appointed by President Uhuru Kenyatta and chaired by Archbishop Anthony Muheria developed protocols meant to ensure the Covid-19 virus does not spread in worship places.

Among the measures was a requirement by churches and mosques to put in place Covid-19 response committees that will ensure the reopening guidelines are implemented.

Others included that the services do not last more than an hour and that those aged 58 years and above and children below 15 years are not allowed in worship places.

Churches  and Mosques are also required to ensure frequent sanitizing, with frequently touched areas carefully sanitized before, during and after each service.

The worshippers must also sanitize and their temperatures taken before entering their respective churches and mosques.

By  Melechezedeck  Ejakait

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