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Okundi urges youth to embrace cohesion

National Cohesion and Integration Commission (NCIC) Member, Philip Okundi, has told boda-boda riders and youths to avoid being used by politicians to perpetrate hate speech in social media.
He said some youths in Homa Bay County were being used by politicians to perpetrate hate speech against their opponents ahead of the 2022 general election.
Okundi said such youths write messages in social media platforms insulting opponents of politicians who engage them.
Okundi who was accompanied by Asego Division Assistant County Commissioner Henry Kereya told the youths to avoid being used by politicians to inflame violence.
He spoke on Monday in Homa Bay town during sensitization programme for peaceful coexistence, where he also told youths to understand that hate speech can land someone in jail.
“Let youths understand that when you are arrested because of hate speech, you will be jailed alone. It is you and your family that will suffer,” Okundi informed the youths and urged them to resist incitement.
The Commissioner said that peaceful coexistence was politically, socially and economically healthy for Kenya’s posterity.
“Desisting from violence is the only way through which we can leave a good country for the future generations,” said Okundi.
He said that the government spends a lot of money to quell tension whenever violence erupts in any part of the country.
“Our country can save a lot of money if youths and boda-boda riders decide not to engage in violence,” he added.
On his part, Kereya said peace is the genesis of economic development of a country. “Anybody who means well for this country must desist from violence,” Kereya said.
The sensitization programme was held after the NCIC identified Homa Bay as one of the hotspots of political violence. The programme targets various groups of people including the elders, youths, bodaboda riders and women. Those who were sensitized will serve as ambassadors of peace in community.

By Davis Langat


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