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One Killed in Nessuit Clashes

One person died while another received treatment at Njoro-Molo sub-county hospital for injuries sustained due to an arrow lodged in his body, while four other victims of the clashes were treated and discharged at the same facility.

Rift Valley regional commissioner, George Natembeya said that this occurred after Olposumoru clashes escalated to Nessuit area in Njoro, Thursday.

Natembeya termed the current clashes at Nessuit a revenge mission. The communal clashes have caused displacement of people after houses were torched, in the volatile Olposimoru border.

He lauded efforts by the security personnel deployed in the area, for containing the situation in time, adding that they will intensify patrols until normalcy is restored.

He regretted that tribal animosity among the neighbouring communities has denied them a chance to share resources in the Mau forest and this is equally derailing efforts in ensuring peaceful co-existence, warning that those found on the wrong side of the law will be dealt with.

Politicians were urged to be on the front line in advocating for peace at all times and not only re-surface during conflict.

Molo based Royal Media Services journalist, Jathan Kamau was attacked, had his mobile phone and audio recorder confiscated and destroyed while covering the incidences at Ndoswa in Nessuit.

By Emily Kadzo 


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