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Opposition legislators challenged to support Government’s development agenda

National Assembly Majority Whip and South Mugirango Member of Parliament (MP) Sylvanus Osoro has told Opposition legislators to slow down on criticizing the government and instead support it in delivering its campaign manifesto to improve the country.

Osoro made these remarks in Nyamira County on Sunday when he joined Education Cabinet Secretary (CS) Ezekiel Machogu who was presiding over a fund drive for the completion of the construction of the Nyamira Seventh Day Adventist Church conference headquarters.

The Chief Whip was responding to nominated MP Renee Mayaka’s concerns and remarks over the high cost of living through high taxes allegedly imposed on Kenyans by the Kenya Kwanza administration since it came into office.

She observed that the government is overtaxing Kenyans unnecessarily and opposition legislators should boldly condemn it because Kenyans are truly suffering and economically overburdened by hefty taxes.

Osoro in his response said the Opposition Members of Parliament (MPs) should not be whining and making unnecessary criticism about President Ruto’s administration which he affirmed has comparatively done much better than previous governments.

“Your criticism should be based on the development agenda pointing out what has not been done or initiated as was promised by our President during his campaign manifesto. The President has put his best foot forth in initiating and delivering numerous development projects to Kenyans and has been rated to have performed better compared to previous governments,” stated the Chief Whip.

“Your criticism should be issue-based and not just petty public heckling about non-performance by the government,” Osoro said.

The South Mugirango MP hinted that the Opposition Chief Raila Odinga would at the end of the day need President Ruto’s vote for him to succeed in his bid to take over as AU boss early next year, hence urging the Opposition to be objective when criticizing government’s performance pointing out that ironically, they were equally benefiting from the same government they are criticizing.

By Deborah Bochere

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