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Order on masks still being flouted despite public health order

Young people keeping social distancing as they work on a trench in Kiambaa Sub-county of Kiambu County. Photo by KNA.

There is mixed response in government’s declaration that all those who venture into public space must wear masks or face a Sh 20,000 fine or a jail term of six months or both.

Police in Meru have swung into action and arrested people who have ignored wearing of masks that have been recommended for controlling the spread of Covid-19.

Police have arrested over 50 residents of Mitunguu market, Imenti South Sub-county for failing to put on masks while on public places.

The police engaged residents in running battles managing to nab over 50 persons who had failed to put on masks.

A businessman, Peter Muthaura at the busy trading centre said he narrowly escaped from being arrested on Tuesday.

Muthaura pointed out that despite government relaying information about Covid-19 to the members of the public more needs to be done at the grassroot levels to create an awareness.

He said the move by the security personnel to arrest persons flouting the laws will only make residents defiant.

“Let the wananchi understand all about coronavirus including how it is transmitted, how it can be prevented among others instead of arresting traders who are trying to eke a living,” he said, adding that many people cannot afford to buy masks on daily basis due economic constraints.

Meanwhile, scores of young people in Kiambaa Sub-County in Kiambu County have continued to flout the Government directive of wearing masks in the fight against Covid-19.

Most of the young people have been going on their businesses without wearing the masks and cannot explain the reasons for their defiance to the health directive against the killer disease.

A spot-check by KNA has revealed that some of those who have them have literally kept them in their pockets while some are not using them appropriately. They have been placing them under their chins.

During a roundup of the sub-county, when those not wearing the masks spotted the vehicle of Ministry of Information stop near them, they scampered in different directions in fear of being arrested.

Some others quickly removed the masks from their pockets and hurriedly put them on then proceeded with their businesses after realizing that there were no security officers deployed to enforce the wearing of the masks inside the motor vehicle.

The  Kiambu Level 5 Hospital Administrator, Eston Mbuthia  while talking to KNA from his office at the health facility cautioned them against endangering their lives to look fashionable, saying  these were important devices which the government and private sector had invested thousands of money in their production with an intention of protecting the citizens against the pandemic.

He advised the citizens to continuously keep wearing their masks and not to do so to evade being arrested. “Wear the masks for your own safety and for the sake of people you interact with so that whoever could be infected does not unknowingly infect the next person” said  Mbuthia.

By  KNA  Team

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