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Organizations asked to Collaborate to Promote ICT Sector

Organizations in the country have been urged to partner and develop products and solutions that have impact and can address technological challenges being experienced in the country.

The Principal Secretary, State Department for ICT and Innovation, Jerome Ochieng said for organizations to remain competitive in this new business and economic environment, they need to adopt new strategies and practices with technology at the forefront.

Jerome said it is commendable that digital adoption and transformation have been prioritized at both the organizational and industry levels in a bid to respond and reach consumers who have moved towards online platforms.

Speaking during the launch of the Africa Centre for Women Information and Communications Technology E-Learning Platform at a Nairobi hotel today, the PS said Kenya has responded well towards digital transformation due to the strong legal, institutional and regulatory environment the government has put in place to promote the growth of the ICT sector.

“Kenya ranks in the top five in Africa in the several key sector indicators including infrastructure, mobile broadband coverage, digital content and services, and second in Africa in access to digital and digitally enabled jobs,” said Jerome.

He at the same time announced that the country’s mobile phone penetration is at approximately 110 per cent while nearly 58 per cent of all mobile connections in the country have access to broadband connectivity of 3G, 4G and 5G.

“This is an indication that a large population access digital services and that government programmes are geared towards promoting a vibrant, investor-friendly, citizen ICT sector,” he added.

He at the same time commended the Africa Centre for Women Information and Communications Technology’s e-learning platform which aims at alleviating poverty, promoting inclusion, and improving the socio-economic wellbeing of society.

The PS also lauded the program for providing women an opportunity to start entrepreneurial space which reported a job linkage rate of 78 per cent with most beneficiaries leaning towards digital jobs.

Through the platform, the Centre has successfully implemented its woman and youth workforce development programs by targeting and reaching 2000 disadvantaged women and youth aged between 18 to 34 years with market driven digital skills, job market readiness skills and virtual psychosocial support programs.

The Centre which has partnered with Microsoft, also seeks to accelerate ICT skills for 300,000 youth in the next three years to ensure an inclusive economic recovery post Covid-19.

By Bernadette Khaduli

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