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Over 1 billion Needed for Floods Mitigation

More than Sh.1 billion is required by the government to provide humanitarian aid to the people affected by landslide or floods in the country.

Speaking to the press outside the County Commissioner’s office in Kapenguria on Thursday, the Government Spokesman, Col (Rtd) Cyrus Oguna, said 350,000 people were affected while 16,700 houses were destroyed.

Oguna said 32 counties were mostly affected by the disaster where 118 people lost their lives and 11,000 livestock washed away by the floods.

He said the Government has supplied food, medicine and other required items to the affected areas, saying the National Government is committed to put measures in place to prevent any further loss of lives and properties.


Government Spokesman Col. (Rtd) Cyrus Oguna with West Pokot County Commissioner during press briefing on the flood and landslide disaster in Kapenguria.

“For the last two months, disasters through floods or landslide have affected the country where 32 counties are mostly affected, Including West Pokot.  The Government has put in more efforts to see to it that those affected are assisted,” he said.

“So far, 118 people have lost their lives and the government has put in place various agencies, including the Kenya Defense Forces, National Police Service among others to assist the affected people.  About 350,000 were displaced and 16,700 houses destroyed,” said Oguna.

The Spokesman said transport sector is most affected where roads and bridges have been damaged, hampering transportation in the county.

Concerning West Pokot County, he said 43 people are confirmed dead and 1,500 displaced, saying people should not take advantage by exaggerating the figure.

“We have confirmed that 36 bodies have been recovered and seven reported missing, assuming those missing are dead, the total figure will be 43. Red Cross are on the ground and have done all assessment and confirm the figure,” he said.

He expressed concern that majority of those who lost their lives are very young between the age of eight to 20 years.

Oguna added that the government require Sh. 20 million to assist the affected people in West Pokot County.

“The National Government require Sh. 1.052 billion for all affected people in the country, where, West Pokot will take about Sh. 20

million,” he said.

The County Commissioner, Apollo Okello, said, three camps have been set up in the County to cater for the affected people.

“We have se t up three camps in the affected areas to ease coordination. In Pokot Central we have Tamkal, Kipkom, Parua and in Pokot South there is Nyarkulian,” said the Commissioner.

By John Saina

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