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Over 140,000 Huduma Namba cards distributed in Narok

Narok County has distributed 141,197 Huduma Namba cards to the residents of Narok County since the launch of the distribution exercise in the county more than four months ago.

Narok County Commissioner, Evans Achoki, said the county received a total of 143,491 cards in the last four months, the bulk of which has been distributed to the owners through the chiefs and their assistants.

This leaves a paltry 2,294 cards uncollected majority of which were received last week and this week.

Achoki said decision to use the chiefs and their assistants is working in helping reach the card owners since the cards are sorted according to the location and the sub-locations before they are handed to the administrators who trace the owners.

He praised the chiefs and their assistants for working tirelessly to ensure the cards reach the intended owners.

However, the process of distribution is faced with the challenge of some cards being rejected by the owners due to some errors on the cards. Some cards have been left uncollected as the owners are said to be deceased.

Some owners of these Huduma Namba cards cannot be found as the mobile numbers they gave are not working.

Achoki however urged those who have not received their Huduma Namba Cards to liaise with their local Assistant Chief or Chief, or check at the Huduma Centre and the Registrar of Persons offices near them in the six sub counties after receiving the Short Message Service (SMS) alerting them that to pick their cards.

The Commissioner reiterated his earlier reminder to the residents that in near future, Kenyans will not be able to receive service in government offices without the card as the Huduma Namba card is soon going to replace the National Identity Card (ID).

The National Integrated Identity Management System (NIIMS) registration, was launched early 2019 with an aim of boosting security and service delivery as personal data of an individual is put together in the digital platform such that when it becomes operational, carrying many other personal documents such as passport and National Identification Card (ID) will not be necessary.

The Government Spokesman, Mr. Cyrus Oguna, in the month of August announced that over nine million Huduma Namba cards have so far been processed and about six million of them have been distributed to the owners.

The distribution exercise was launched during the Mashujaa Day celebrations in 2020 in Kisii County, by President Uhuru Kenyatta and First Lady Margaret Kenyatta who received their Huduma Namba cards that day. About 37 million Kenyans registered for Huduma Namba in 2019.

By Mabel Keya-Shikuku


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