Over 15, 000 families receive Inua Jamii cash transfer in Narok

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A total of 15, 139 households in Narok County have received the monthly Sh2000 each Inua Jamii cash transfer from the government.

These includes 9,250 beneficiaries of the Old Persons Cash Transfer (OPCT), 244 families that receive the Persons with Severe Disability Cash Transfer (PWSD-CT) and 5645 households that receive the Cash Transfer for Orphans and Vulnerable Children (CT-OVC) in the county.

Narok County Social Services Coordinator David Koskei said 1249 others who were in the register do not benefit because of errors in their details.

In the persons living with severe disability list, about 263 people do not benefit from the fund though their names were in the slots of the estimated beneficiaries register because of errors in their details, were deceased or migrated to other counties.

However, Koskei said during the Inua Jamii clinics conducted late last year, 450 cases were handed over for corrections so that they can benefit with the fund given by the government through the Social Services Department.

At the same time, Narok County Children Officer, Pilot Khaemba, said the beneficiaries were selected after a survey conducted to ascertain the eligibility of the beneficiaries to ensure all those who benefit were the neediest.


Among the eligibility criteria for Inua Jamii includes one being a Kenyan Citizen, comes from an extremely poor homestead, had severe form of disability, not enrolled in any other cash transfer programme. Others are the households with older persons above the age of 65 years with no member receiving pension.

Inua Jamii is a government initiative to provide support to vulnerable families through a cash transfer system where the money is channeled through the contracted banks.

The banks include: Kenya Commercial Bank, Kenya Women Trust Fund, Post Bank, National Bank, Equity bank and Cooperative Bank.

Every beneficiary is expected to open an account with the banks where he or she can withdraw money from the bank agents in their nearest trading centre in an effort to prevent beneficiaries from traveling far distances to withdraw the money.


By Ann Salaton

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