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Over 3,000 people in Garsen are marooned following the bursting of river Handarakulagha

Over  3,000 people in three villages, Konemasa, Katsangani and Handaraku in Garsen Constituency of Tana River County are marooned following bursting of Handarakulagha River  that has cut-off road network due to heavy rainfall.

Speaking  to the press  on Monday, a resident of Odha  village, Ali  Abubakari said for about three weeks now, the residents of Garsen  West and South Wards cannot be accessed following the raging floods waters.

Abubakari said the area residents have not been able to receive drugs and food supplies hence forcing some of them to flee villages to seek refuge closer to roads.

He also said a tractor was providing transport that helps only a few people to traverse a distance of 15km at a cost.

He said, “on a daily basis, businessmen in their respective areas are forced to hire at a cost of about Sh.3,000 to transport their goods to the trading centres”.

Abbubakar further said, the prices of goods have doubled with the price of maize flour per kilogram shooting to Sh.100 from Sh.60 while sugar prices have risen from Sh.100 per kilo to Sh.170.

Komora  Garise,  the Assistant Chief of  Semikaro Sub-location explained how the situation affected exams at Boyani Secondary School where students were forced to relocated to sit exams in Arap Moi Primary school, in Ngao location.

The   Tana River County Government Roads Executive Member, Eng.  Stephen  Wachira, assured that the road network remains one of the Administration’s top priority in this financial year, with construction plans set-to begin anytime soon.

“We are currently working on culverts from the Chara side, and then we shall raise the road since its prone to floods that cut-off the road just in case the river Tana overflows,” he said.

By  Simon  Guruba

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