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Owalo encourages residents to seize opportunities for wealth creation

Cabinet Secretary for Information, Communications, and The Digital Economy, Mr. Eliud Owalo, urged Migori residents to fully exploit the region’s potential to create wealth.

He said it was time for the people in the area to derive and reap maximum benefits from the fish business in Lake Victoria, the gold and copper mining, and the fertile soils to produce both cash and food crops.

The CS was speaking during the launch of a security light installation at Opapo Market. He also used the occasion to distribute relief food to hundreds of hunger-stricken families in the region.

Owalo expressed his concern at what he termed as lack of efforts on the part of the local people to utilize their energies and potentials to make enough wealth by adding value to resources found within the region.

He, however, acknowledged that the national government was currently striving to help the local people generate positive outcomes from the available resources but cautioned the communities to desist from engaging in negative politics, which was counterproductive to their development.

“Instead of wasting a lot of your energies politicking, it is logical that you start directing the same into working hard to generate good income from the available resources,” Owalo regretted.

He added that “as government officials, we have been entrusted with the responsibility of serving every citizen from every corner of the nation.”

The CS also outlined the government’s agenda for Migori County, which included reviving the Sony Sugar Company by clearing all outstanding debts, addressing electricity and water bill payments, and resolving challenges faced by local farmers by providing necessary support such as fertilizers.

He also expressed the government’s commitment to complete the Busia – Muhuru road (Lake Region Ring Road) project to enhance transportation and connectivity along the Lake Victoria fishing belt.

Owalo stressed the importance of technology in empowering the youth, announcing the provision of 100 computers to Rongo and plans to establish ICT hubs in every ward to create employment opportunities.

He urged the community to join hands with the government, emphasizing the benefits of close collaboration.

He oversaw the distribution of a total of 400 bags of rice and 160 bags of beans to the residents of Opapo Division.

CS Owalo was, however, quick to warn those entrusted with the distribution of the supplies to desist from diverting relief food for personal gain and emphasize the need for fair disbursement to the needy.

In a separate address at Dede Division, Owalo announced plans to establish a fish processing factory in Muhuru and the completion of the construction of the Lichota airstrip.

He further said the government intended to address flood challenges by completing the Korusoin Dam, which would generate power and mitigate flooding risks.

At least 400 bags of rice and 260 bags of beans were allocated for relief operations in Dede Division.

By Polycarp Ochieng and George Agimba

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