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Owners of illegal businesses put on notice in Nairobi

The  Nairobi County Commissioner (CC), Flora Mworoa has warned individuals operating illegal businesses in the county that their days were numbered.

The CC  said the government will not condone betting, selling of illicit liquor and drug peddling and added that culprits found engaging in illicit business will face the full force of the law.

Mworoa said there are numerous openings for legiimate businesses that people can venture into and wondered why some individuals only wanted to operate in illegal businesses that ruin the lives of others.

“Time is over for those doing illegal businesses; recently we burnt down betting machines within the city because they were making children steal money to bet, I want to tell those who have gone into hiding their machines that we are alert and we will get you,” she added.

The  CC  was speaking during Mashujaa Day celebrations held at Camp Toyoyo grounds in Jericho of Makadara constituency.

She also urged people who have not applied for the National Hospital Insurance Fund to do so to enable them benefit from the affordable Universal Health Care services provided by the government.

“Parents should prioritise heath care and put it as their first agenda to protect their families when they need medical services,” she added.

As  Kenyans celebrate the nation’s heroes and heroines, the CC urged Kenyans to embrace peace and preach it in their communities, noting that it is only through peace that people could live in harmony and be able to operate their businesses anywhere in the country.

“People witnessed what happened in 2007 during the post election violence, peace is very important and since every Kenyan is a hero, each individual should preach peace and shun tribalism so that each one of you can be able to conduct your business without fear,” said Mworoa.

On the forthcoming national examinations for Kenya Certificate of Primary Education and Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education, the CC assured parents and students in the county that the government has put in place stringent measures to avoid cheating in the exams.

She however, cautioned parents to be on the lookout and not allow their children to fall prey to individuals who will want to corrupt their children.

The CC also told people campaigning for the Kibra by elections seat to conduct their campaigns in a peaceful manner.

The  Makadara Member of Parliament, George Aladwa, who spoke at the event, commended President Uhuru Kenyatta and former Prime Minister Raila Odinga for initiating the handshake saying it has united Kenyans.

“The Handshake has made Kenyans live in peace and respect each other without looking at political Party affiliations. We will fully support the Building Bridges Initiative,” he added.

Aladwa said Members of the County Assembly in Nairobi have resolved to work as a team for the county to progress economically and socially.

By  Bernadette Khaduli

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