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Parents asked to take charge of their teenage girls

The  Archbishop of Anglican Church of Kenya (ACK), Dr. Jackson Ole Sapit has challenged parents to take care of their teenage girls especially during this festive season to prevent them from indulging in immoral activities.

Sapit said it is at this point when parents and guardians need to provide adequate parental control and guidance to their children since they may take advantage of various celebrations to engage in illegal activities that may end up ruining their future life.

Speaking  on Sunday during the installation of the new bishop of the ACK Southern Nyanza dioceses, Dr. Simeon Edward Onyango, Sapit called on parents to monitor the movement of their children and the characters of people they associate with so that their safety can be


Sapit  added that this is the period in which children can engage in sexual relationships which may result in teenage pregnancies, spread of HIV/AIDS virus and Sexually Transmitted Infections (STIs) while others can easily engage in drug abuse.

The  cleric further said that the children should now be given guidance and counseling so that they do not abuse any opportunity during this long festive season, adding others can easily be lured by their peers into engaging in illegal activities.

At  the same time, Sapit appealed to both Public Service Vehicles and private motorists to be extra cautious while driving on the roads during this festive period and rainy season to avert road carnages which occur as a result of floods and drunkenness.

His  sentiments were also supported by the Deputy Governor, Hamilton Orata  who called on the churches to help them in the fight against the spread of HIV/AIDS in the region which has currently dropped from 26.7 per cent to 20.7 per cent.

Orata further said that they are willing to work with the churches to ensure that the prevalence rate drops further.

By  Naomi Wandede/ Davis Langat

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