Parents urged to enroll youths to TVETs

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Chief of Staff and Head of public service Felix Kosgei has urged parents to enroll youths to Technical and Vocational Education Training (TVET) institutions to equip them with skills to enable them get employment globally.

Speaking during the 9th graduation ceremony of over 2, 500 graduands at Ol’lessos Technical Training Institute (OTTI) in Nandi, Kosgei said that the government’s responsibility was to support TVETs so they can empower the youth with innovative skills required in the global employment market.

He noted the government was working towards ensuring TVET curriculum is crafted in a way that aligns to the needs and standards of the Country.

“With technical skills you can own enterprises, companies and industries. There are jobs but you have to be creative, disciplined, focused and organized. Develop a culture of employing yourself with the skills you have acquired,” he pointed out while advising the graduands on how to venture to the employment market.

He further said that TVET institutions promotes integration as students are drawn from different parts of the Country thus promoting unity.

“When youths join TVET institutions they meet and interact with people from different backgrounds. This breaks barriers of tribalism and ethnicity,” he added.

On her part the PS in the state department of Vocational and Technical colleges, Esther Muhoria said that TVET principals have been instructed to restructure their curriculum to focus more on technical capabilities among the youths that they can apply to various jobs that are done by foreigners.

“This government has identified TVET institutions as the channels through which youths acquire innovative skills for adaptation,” stated Muhoria.

She added that the technical institutes will be offering dual trainings that will allow students get dual certification to enable them work across the world.

PS Muhoria further directed that skilled youths without certificates be assessed and certified at TVETs to enable them be employed on better terms nationally as well as in other Countries.

“There are those skilled youths but who have no certificates. I want to encourage you to go to our TVETs and be assessed to get certified and therefore be in a position to be employed on better positions and terms,” she explained.

By Ruth Mainye

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