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Parents urged to follow up DLP learning in schools

Parents  across  the  country  have  been urged to make follow ups in schools to ensure their children access the Digital  Learning Programme (DLP) that was rolled out by the government.

According  to  the Information Communication and Technology, Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Dr. Katherine  Getao, the  DLP programme will go a long way in equipping the learners  with ICT related skills as they grow.

Dr. Getao said that it was unfortunate that some primary schools had opted not to transform to the DLP programme hence compromising presidential bid to ensure the pupils were equipped with the skills.

“The  President  is  always  thinking  on  how  our pupils  will  benefit, but  it’s  unfortunate  that  the computers that have  been  provided  to our primary schools are not used and end up locked in cabinets. I  urge  you  parents  to visit  the schools and ensure your children are being taught with the laptops,” said the CEO while

launching the Ajira program in Ol Kalou town, Nyandarua County.

She  said  the Information and Education ministries have trained teachers on how to use the computers as teaching aids and that there is no justification why the fail to use them.

The  CEO  who  also  oversaw the graduation of the first roll out of Ajira program trainees said lack of jobs was alarming  in  the world due to gradual changes and asked the youths in Nyandarua to lead by example in working online.

She  urged  them  to  ensure that they utilise the skills learnt and show honesty, diligence in work completion, noting it  will help them secure jobs online.

The  Nyandarua Governor, Francis  Kimemia  called on the government to increase ICT training centres from the current 4 centres to at least 7 to cover all the sub-counties.

Kimemia  said  that implementation of the programme had been hindered by poor network connectivity and internet fluctuations  as  well as low electricity connection in Nyandarua.

“Online  digital platform has created job opportunities for thousands of young people. You must protect the integrity of   our country when doing the jobs so that the employers can give us more jobs, we need to build the trust,” Kimemia told the graduates.

The  Nyandarua  North Deputy County Commissioner, Walter  Ngaira  who was representing the County Commissioner said that two thirds of Nyandarua population was youth hence the programme will be of benefit to many.

In  2016, the  government rolled out the one laptop per child Digital Learning Programme which was meant to entrench  ICT in  teaching and learning in primary schools.

By  David  Njoroge

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