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Parents Urged to Immunize Children against Malaria

A Health official in Busia County has lauded local residents for heeding to the call to immunize their children against malaria.

Speaking to the press in her office on Thursday, Busia County Coordinator for Immunization, Juliet Kilima said that the County targeted to immunize 29,522 children and they have managed to reach 98% in the first dose.

“We are expected to immunize the children in four phases namely six months, seven months, nine months and two years,” she said adding that the first dose has been well received.

Kilima however expressed concern that the remaining doses have not been well received with the second standing at 82%, third 61% and the fourth 33%.

“This shows that the children have not received the doses as required,” she said adding that there was need for parents to ensure that their children receive the full dose so that they can be fully immunized.

She at the same time insisted that parents should continue making sure that their children sleep under treated mosquito nets, clear bushes within their homesteads, and get rid of stagnant water which act as breeding areas for mosquitos that cause malaria.

The official further said that the immunization exercise is being carried out within the seven Sub Counties.

“We have 113 health facilities spread across the County and parents are advised to visit the facilities to ensure that their children are immunized,” she said.

Kilima at the same time disclosed that the County Government in collaboration with the Ministry of Health is planning to purchase 19 more cold chain equipment that will be distributed across the 113 health facilities to ensure that local residents get immunization services closer to their areas of residence.

By Victoria Magar and Gavin Ochoko

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