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Parents urged to protect their children during holiday

Nandi Hills Deputy County Commissioner Leonard Mgute has asked parents to keep watch over their children especially now that schools are set to close for a short holiday this week in a bid to shape their character and behaviour.

All secondary and primary schools are expected to close for a period of 10 days which seems to be short, however if not well managed can lead to students engaging in mischief and wrong behaviour which in return can ruin their lives.

Speaking to KNA, Mgute said parents are tasked with the role of guiding their children when they are still young by safeguarding how they spend their free time in an effort to ensure they engage in productive activities.

The DCC noted that parents can determine their children’s future character by disciplining them when they are still young through limiting their freedom, keeping them occupied as well as knowing the company they keep.

“Bad company ruins good morals. As parents or guardians you have the responsibility of working around the clock to shape your kids’ character. If you don’t take caution our future society will be ruined,” noted Mgute.

According to the administrator cases of school drop outs, early teenage pregnancies, HIV/AIDS infections, drugs and substance abuse have been on the rise in the contemporary society alleging it to failure on the part of the parents and guardians in taming their children in their early stage.

He further said that mothers need to stay very close to their girls as well as give them sex education noting that girls have fallen prey to dangers associated with irresponsible sexual behaviour ranging from Sexually Transmitted Infections (STIs), early pregnancies, regular use of Emergency Pills which risks their reproductive health, drug abuse among others.

“Shape your kids when they are still young to make their behaviour manageable as they grow. Stay close and be friendly to your kids so as to be in a position to understand them as well as make them be free to share their problems with you. Children will open up to you when they feel that they can talk to you freely about issues that they traverse at school and in the society,” pointed out the DCC.

By Ruth Mainye and Collins Kiprotich



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