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Partners join hands in addressing menstrual hygiene in Turkana

Several partners in Turkana County have teamed up to provide menstrual hygiene products for vulnerable women and girls.

At least 700 pupils from Kataboi Girls Secondary School in Turkana North Sub-County received sanitary towels and soaps to boost menstrual hygiene in a special event dubbed “Pads for Love”.

The donations were also extended to a nearby school Kataboi Junior Secondary School.

One of the NGOs, SAPCONE donated 40 dignity kits to students who performed well in their studies.

The event was organized by the Arsenal Kenya Turkana Branch and supported by other partners that included the Ministry of Health Turkana County, Amref USAID ImarishaJamii, KDII, PanAfricare Kenya, and SAPCONE.

Others included The Cradle Hotels, Kenya Red Cross, Me to You, EQUITY afia, NGAAF, Caritas Lodwar, NAWI RIDES, Sister to Sister TPA, Kakuma Motors GARAGE, Vanilla Supermarket, I Choose Life, Events by PEG, Leyanae Vision Foundation, EkidorLotukoi Foundation, Nakwasinyen amongst many others.

The lack of proper menstrual hygiene management facilities and the high cost of sanitary towels are among the major challenges facing women and girls.

The County Solicitor General Ruth Emanikor said, “Addressing the menstrual hygiene needs of vulnerable women and girls in Turkana County is not only a matter of health but also a fundamental issue of human dignity and gender equality.”

The School Principal Omaido Robella appreciated the Arsenal Turkana Chapter and partners for considering Kataboi Girls Secondary as its choice to donate the sanitary Kits. “Not all our students in the school could afford the sanitary kits because of poor background so the donation is much appreciated,” she said.

EchamiAito ladies also while giving a mentorship talk encouraged the girls to work hard in school as well as excel in their studies and always keep aiming high.

The Basic Education Amendment Act in Kenya places the responsibility of providing free, sufficient, and quality dignity kits to the Government to reduce the number of girls missing school during their menstrual cycle.

The pupils were taken through talks on menstrual hygiene management, life skills, and other relevant topics. Most of the speakers who attended the function said that such initiatives are very key in keeping the pupils, especially teenage girls in school during their menstrual periods. The donations from various partners and sponsors included disposable towels and dignity kits.

Ruth Emanikor, the County Solicitor General took the opportunity to sensitize the pupils on discipline, commitment, obedience, and good behaviour both in school and at home as ingredients of a successful life besides being on top of their class.

She further encouraged them on team work and engage in extracurricular activities amongst themselves.

She further added that the sanitary towels boost the girl’s confidence and when the girl is confident, she can achieve her dreams. One of the partners KDII also demonstrated the correct use of reusable sanitary pads, whilst emphasizing hygiene

Arsenal Kenya Turkana Branch Fan base is a Charity Organization formed in May 2019 that has the main objective of supporting the Turkana Community in charity initiatives to fill the gaps and provide resources to support the most vulnerable.

The organization is suitably placed to collaborate with the Government and NGOs in the distribution of sanitary kits to vulnerable girls in the rural parts of Turkana County.

In many parts of Turkana County, girls are forced to resort to makeshift materials, risking their health, dignity, and overall quality of life.

The socio-economic context, compounded by factors such as poverty and limited educational opportunities, exacerbates the vulnerability of these women and girls.

By Peter Gitonga

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