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County sets aside Sh90 million shillings for the construction of roads

Trans Nzoia County Government has set aside Sh90 million for the improvement of the road network across all 25 wards in the region.

Speaking during the official launch of the exercise in Kwanza Constituency, Trans Nzoia Governor George Natembeya stressed the commitment of his government to ensure that roads in the agricultural-rich region are given a new face.

He explained that once done, this would help farmers transport their agricultural produce to the market on time and eventually help fetch maximum profits.

The exercise which kicked off in earnest, will see more than 800 kilometers of road network across the 25 wards being attended renovated.

The works will be done in two phases with phase one which will mainly consist of grading consuming Sh20 million whereas phase two, which will majorly involve gravelling, will consume the rest of the allocated amount.

“Roads shouldn’t be in such a bad condition more so in a region where agriculture is the main economic activity. It’s for this reason that my government has prioritized construction of more roads and improving the existing ones,” he said.

Meanwhile, Natembeya urged those living on the road reserves to vacate to allow for set construction works.

“We are humbly asking those using road reserves for whichever activity to leave and pave the way for construction works to continue. We don’t want to force anyone out,” he appealed.

By Isaiah Nayika

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