Pastoral counties may lose Sh16 billion following BBI

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Hola Member of Parliament Mr. Ali Wario has urged pastoralist communities to seek proper interpretation of the BBI and analyze the content before approving it.
Wario said that eight counties in the former Northern Frontier District (NFD) would each lose Sh2 billion hence marginalizing them further.
If not addressed before voting for BBI, it was likely to take away Sh16 billion from the eight counties
Speaking at the official launch of the Borana Council of Elders (BCE) in Isiolo, Wario told the Council of Elders from Isiolo County to spearhead a ‘NO’ campaign since BBI had nothing to offer them.
The MP lauded former President Mwai Kibaki for opening up the region by upgrading the road communication and making many children from the area to benefit from the free and compulsory primary education which was introduced during his reign.
The meeting brought together all political kingpins among Borana speaking communities from Tana River, Marsabit and 10 wards of Isiolo County declared that BCE would spearhead naming of all Borana political aspirants and other communities would be given a share.
Speaking during the occasion, Devolution Chief Administrative Secretary Mr. Abdul Bahari and former Governor Godana Doyo said that the mistakes and division made by the community led to loss of all seats in Isiolo County in the last general election.
Bahari challenged the BCE and professionals to lead dialogue with other communities, stop internal fighting and educate wananchi on the importance of being in the government at both levels.
Doyo said that since the last general election, Isiolo people were hoodwinked into choosing the crop of current leaders who were not benefiting them at both levels of the government.
Doyo added that he would stick to rules and regulations to be set by BCE when selecting or picking candidates for governorship which would later be endorsed by Isiolo Communities.
Isiolo Women Rep Rehema Jaldesa said that Isiolo Governor Dr. Mohamed Kuti should enhance service delivery to the electorate in the remaining two years of the current term if he wanted to reclaim the seat.
Jaldesa added that the governor should particularly double efforts in fighting against the Covid-19 pandemic which had taken the lives of many residents including medics.
The colorful celebration was attended and blessed by Waso Borana President Jattani Wako, and Marsabit women rep. Ms. Safia Sheikh Adan, former Ethnic and Anti-Corruption Commission (EACC) boss Halakhe Dida, former Isiolo South MP Abdullahi Banticha and the former County Assembly Speaker Mohamed Tubi.
BCE chairman Abdullahi Hajj Gonjobe said that the elders would do ground work at village level before tabling the candidate names before Borana General Assembly six months to elections, then declare who would be chosen to compete for all the local political seats alongside other communities.
He added that his team would be fair and transparent to all and one could appeal before the General Assembly.

By Abduba Mamo


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