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Pastoralists Trained on COVID-19 control

The Ministry of Health has embarked on a campaign to train members of the pastoralist community on ways to prevent and contain the spread of COVID-19 amongst themselves.
With cases of COVID-19 positive going up by day in the country, marginalized communities who include the pastoralists have been identified among those that were vulnerable to the disease hence the need to create awareness amongst them.
Naivasha sub-county Medical Officer of Health (MOH) George Ndichu said pastoralist communities had been forgotten in the war against the pandemic adding that concerted efforts from all stakeholders were needed if the war against the dreaded virus was to be won.
The MOH said the training was aimed at deepening the understanding of the Covid-19, adding that it would go a long way to enhance their preparedness and response to the disease among the community members.
“After training Community Health Volunteers (CHV), we will roll out community sensitization on Covid-19 spread and preventative measures,” said the MOH.
Ndichu further said the sub county was targeting people from marginalized community where hygienic measures outlined by the national government were yet to be complied with.
The training for pastoralists in Naivasha according to the MOH was done in collaboration with the County Government of Nakuru, Ministry of Health and Forum Syd.
He noted that trends clearly indicated that marginalized and vulnerable communities would be disproportionately affected by the pandemic adding that improving the community’s preparedness and awareness to combat the pandemic was not only a precursor for a healthy population, but also a way to ensure a productive community.
A Community Health Volunteer Monicah Sakayian termed the training as an eye opener, admitting that “ignorance” was still a challenge among members of the marginalized communities.
“We are also battling the issue of stigmatization with some of those suffering from a simple cough being frowned upon,” she said.
She acknowledged the need to have trained personnel from communities who would also ensure locals adhered to the set out guidelines on the pandemic.
Another volunteer Daniel Kisotu hailed the closure of cattle markets, saying those involved in the trade were not practicing the cardinal rule of social distancing.
By Esther Mwangi and Vivian Otieno

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