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Patients with upper respiratory tract infections dominate Kiambu hospital

Patients suffering from upper respiratory tract infections lead the pack of those who visited Kiambu Level 5 hospital from July to December 2019.
According to data obtained from the hospital by KNA Saturday, Outpatient summary of patients under 5 years to the hospital treated for upper respiratory tract infections during this period were 2,363.
During the same duration, the figure for adults who visited the hospital and treated for the same diseases were 2,775.
Meanwhile, people with such infections should not take it for granted amid Covid- 19 which has similar symptoms in some cases.
In children, data further revealed that, diarrhoea emerged second with 948 patients, followed by other diseases of the respiratory system with 706 and diseases of the skin at 540 cases being treated at the level 5 hospital during the same duration.
On the other hand, figures for adults indicate that Urinary tract infections (UTI) came second with 2378, Diarrhoea with 1025,other diseases of the respiratory system were 896 followed by suspected Malaria at 819.
Talking to KNA from the health facility Saturday, the hospital administrator Eston Mbuthia urged residents not to have phobia for visiting the health facilities whenever they were indisposed.
He said it was the duty of parents to monitor their children and ensure that any slight change in their health was noted and addressed at the right time, especially during the prevailing cold season in the region.
The administrator further cautioned residents against purchasing drugs over the counter from the mushrooming chemists in most local towns without a prescription.
“Avail yourself and the children who are not feeling well in any of the primary health institutions so that they can be attended to by professionals who have the knowledge and experience of handling patients, Mbuthia noted.
Kiambu County Director of Meteorological services Ms Madgalene Gateri while contributing on the issue also advised the residents against exposing themselves during this pandemic period.
She urged people not to go on with their activities without taking necessary precautions against covid-19.
However, Gateri called on residents cover themselves properly during this cold season and continued tendering their farms so that they can boost their food reserves for domestic consumption and even for sale.
There are three level 5 hospitals in Kiambu County namely Thika, Gatundu and Kiambu, 13 level 4, 24 level 3 and 70 dispensaries where patients can seek medical attention.
In case the primary health institutions are unable to handle the disease, they are referred to the level 5 facilities.
Kiambu County Government recently converted Tigoni hospital into an exclusive Covid-19 hospital. Only patients suffering from Corona will be treated at this at this facility after the current renovations.
All in-patients who had been admitted to the hospital wards were transferred to other hospitals within the County.
During his address Saturday, President Uhuru Kenyatta told the nation that the country had so far recorded 2,600 infections and 83 deaths and there was need to continue taking precautions of social distancing, wearing of masks and washing and sanitising of hands regularly so as to beat the disease.
By Lydia Shiloya

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