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Peace caravan to tackle social ills flagged off

Kisii County Commissioner Tom Anjere has launched a peace prayer caravan aimed at reducing the increasing cases of violence and social ills in the county.

The caravan, consisting of church leaders, government officials, and members of the public, is expected to pray for peace and tranquility in the county.

During the launch of the peace caravan, Anjere called for the church and the government to work together to eradicate cults that emanate from religious activities.

He noted that some religious groups in the country have been accused of promoting violence and other social ills, resulting in the loss of lives and property.

The Commissioner also requested the caravan to make prayers for the increasing cases of suicide in the county, which have been reported at least twice per week.

He also expressed concern over the upsurge of suicides cases requesting the caravan to pray for a reduction as the trend in the recent past within the county was worrying.

“At least two cases of suicide are reported every week in the county, and it’s becoming a major concern,” Anjere noted.

The caravan will also pray against fights among family members over land ownership, which has been a significant cause of violence and killings in the county.

“The county has been grappling with increasing cases of violence stemming from land disputes, with family members hacking each other to death over ownership of land. The scarcity of land in the region has been identified as a key factor contributing to the problem,” said Anjere.

The Commissioner called on the church to play a more active role in addressing the problem. He noted that the church was well-positioned to reach out to the youths and educate them on the need to look beyond Kisii County when purchasing land. This move is aimed at reducing the pressure on the limited land available in the region, which has been a major cause of the disputes.

Additionally, Anjere asked the caravan to offer prayers against the consumption of illicit brew, which is a major contributor to social ills in the area.

He said there was a need for the church to enlighten brewers on alternative sources of income to discourage them from producing illicit brew.

“Encourage brewers to venture into legal businesses such as farming, which will not only provide them with an income but also help to promote economic growth in the county,” the Commissioner said.

Several church leaders have pledged their support for the initiative saying that it’s a step in the right direction towards creating a peaceful and prosperous county.

The caravan will move from subcounty to subcounty, holding prayer sessions and encouraging residents to embrace peace and unity.

By Misheba Alfred

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