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Plea of a nine-year-old girl gives her destitute family a new house

When a young girl from Kariciungu village of Murang’a County explained the plight of her family to a well-wisher, she was not sure her wish would be granted.

Anne Njeri, a class three pupil in April this year approached a patron of an American based charity organization which was doing a water tank in their school and requested if her family could get a better house.

Priest leads villagers to bless new a house for a destitute family in Kariciungu village in Kiharu Constituency. Photo by Bernard Munyao.

Njeri through her teacher Thomas Gacharu told a patron of Can-Do-Kids International, Karanja Wamatangi that with her six siblings and their sickly parents dwell in a one-roomed iron sheet made house.

The house is also used to keep their goats, making it hard for Njeri and her siblings to concentrate with their studies.

When the young girl’s wish was granted, her mother, Winnie Mugure, who has been sick for years said she could not believe that one day she would have a better place to dwell in.

“I can’t comprehend that I will live in a permanent house, we are used to endure torrents of rain, sleeping under harsh conditions and most of the time without food. Thanks to the philanthropist who has helped us with a new shelter,” said Mugure.

Njeri’s teacher Gacharu said after presenting the predicaments the family was going through, Wamatangi took personal initiative to mobilize resources and build a two bedroomed house for the poor family.

Njeri’s mother with her poor health and with her husband who is jobless were unable to provide a better house for their children.

Teacher Gacharu said despite her young age, the girl was outgoing and wanted her family to get a better house as the one they lived could not accommodate all of them well.

“The girl approached me and we were able to talk to Wamatangi who promised to visit the family and after witnessing the challenges the family was undergoing, he took initiative to mobilize resources and build a house for the family,” added Gacharu.

An official from Wamatangi Foundation Mr. George Gachuru on Friday said the organization managed to mobilize about Sh500, 000 to build and furnish a house for the family.

Gachuru said they managed to build a two bedroomed house, a water taker, a toilet and furnished the house with new house items

“Our organization has been dedicated to construct water tanks to schools in an effort to improve hygiene in local learning institutions, but in some special cases like the one of this family, our patron Karanja Wamatangi opted to assist,” noted Gathuru.

He said many families were in need of help and people in villages should go out of their way and support where possible.

“We have very many families suffering but support in whatever way may help some families come out of poverty,” he added.

Can-Do-Kids International under the patronage of Wamatangi is currently constructing 38th mega water in a local school. The programme of constructing water tanks is seen as a major boost in the fight against covid-19 when schools reopen.

By Bernard Munyao

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