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Plot owners at Eor-Ekule trading center get title deeds

The County Government has issued title deeds to approximately 180 plot owners at the Eor- Ekule trading center in Narok East Sub-county.

Speaking during a development tour in the area, where he issued the title deeds, Narok Governor, Patrick Ntutu, said the official land documents will enable the beneficiaries to invest well on their pieces of land, and boost their standards of livelihood.

The Governor commended the Urban Development and Physical Planning Department for allocating the plots to the deserving people in a transparent manner, saying his Administration is committed to issuing title deeds to plot owners in all trading centers, who initially possessed an allotment letter for identification.

“All the plot owners who initially had an allotment letter, will be issued with a Title

Deed. The owners can use the title deed to develop the as they can borrow loan from financial institutions and expand their businesses,” reiterated the Governor.

At the same time, the Governor commissioned 16 Early-Child Development (ECD) classrooms,  that his Administration had built within the Sub-county.

“We are committed to putting a strong foundation to our children’s education. That is why we want a decent learning environment for our young children,” added Ntutu.

The Governor asked ECD teachers who had been deployed to other departments by the previous regime, to return to their original teaching stations immediately.

“I understand a number of ECD teachers have been deployed to work in other departments, leaving our children with very few teachers to teach. I direct all ECD teachers to return to the classrooms, as we are opening more classrooms,” he said.

The Governor used the forum to warn contractors who do shoddy job, saying that the County government, will not commission any project that is not completed.

“We will not pay or commission any project that the engineers have not certified. The contractors will be forced to re-do their job, until they submit a quality project,” said the governor.

He called on the residents to raise alarm whenever they find something fishy in the ongoing projects, so that the contractor can be warned early enough.

“I allocated Sh. 100 million, to every ward in my first year in office, which I believe has been well utilized. I will be moving around the County commissioning the new projects. However, the projects that will not have met our standards will be rejected,” he said.

The function was attended by Narok County Assembly Speaker, Davis Dikirr, Majority leader Sonkoi Lemain and a host of top-county officials.

By Ann Salaton

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