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Police ban boda boda transport from 9pm

Police  in Juja Farm Kiambu County have banned boda boda transport from 9pm following a spate of armed night robberies in the area over the past month.

The  Juja  Deputy County Commissioner (DCC), Charles  Mureithi said they have information that boda bodas have been used to ferry gangs to targeted households where they rob.

He said the ban will remain until the area stabilizes and that police surveillance and patrols has been enhanced to flush out criminals.

He  warned that anyone found outdoors from 10pm will be arrested.

“From 10pm, all residents should be in their houses. This will ease the fight against crime as we shall be sure that those on our roads are criminals,” he said.

This  comes a week after a gang of eight armed with an AK 47, a gun, machetes and axes raided several houses and stole properties before raping four women in the area.

Residents  have since been living in fear, calling on the government to beef up security, with others accusing the police of laxity.

This  has seen the transfer of a number of senior security officers in the area, and the creation of two police posts in Athi and Salama area.

Officers have been deployed to the new posts and motorcycles to help in responding to resident’s distress calls procured.

The  DCC  said six suspects have since been arrested in connection to the robbery and rape incident and are being detained at the Juja Police Station, as investigations conclude.

“The criminals were flushed out in the area, meaning they live here. You should help the police by reporting such criminal elements and we shall act,” he said.

He called for the strengthening of the community policing, adding that more clusters will be developed to identify strangers.

By  Muoki  Charles

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