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Police destroy 7,970 litres of illicit brew in Ndhiwa Sub County

As the fight against illicit brew continues in Homa Bay County, the police on Wednesday destroyed 7,970 litres of the local brew known as Kangara in East Kabuoch Location.

In an operation conducted in Ndhiwa sub County after receiving reports from the residents, the police raided sugarcane plantations in the Villages of Wilongo and Nyamekuria within the area where they netted the stuff.

The  Ndhiwa Sub County Police Commander (SCPC), Evans Ombui confirmed the incident while speaking to the KNA as he attributed the rise of insecurity and criminal activities in the region to the brewing and circulation of the illicit Brew.

Ombui  issued a stern warning to those conducting the business that they will face the law if found and also encouraged them to shift to other legal business to avoid rubbing shoulders with security agencies.

The  SCPC  further said that they confiscated several brewing materials during the operation while the brewers eluded the swoop after sensing that the officers were about to raid the area.

He added that they will conduct a man hunt for the brewers to ensure they are arrested and arraigned in court for violating the law.

According to Ombui, those conducting the business take advantage of the bushy area and sugarcane plantations due to their inaccessibility as hide outs from the police, adding that they will deploy effective mechanisms to reach them.

He appealed to the members of the public to work closely with the police by providing any confidential information that may lead to eradication of illicit brews in the Sub County.

At  the same time, Ombui called upon the area Chiefs and their Assistants to join hands in the war against illicit brew in the Sub County.

By  Godwine Ochieng/Davis Langat

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