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Police in Kajiado to wait longer for decent houses

Police in Kajiado are set to wait a bit longer to move into decent houses currently being constructed by the State Department for Housing and Urban Development.

The 100-Unit Police Housing Project initiated in August 2016, remains incomplete and has stalled due to the slow pace of the contractor, who is currently missing on the site.

According to a brief from the State Department of Housing and Urban Development, the completion dates of the project were revised to August 2022, but to date, eight years later, the project is 82 percent complete and the site is deserted.

 With an estimated cost of Sh153.4 million, the government has already paid the whole amount, thus solving the inadequate budget challenges that led to delays in payment of some Interim Payment Certificates.

The project structured into two blocks, is designed to meet the diverse needs of the Kajiado Police personel, each with 50 Units featuring, 32 bedsitter units, 14 two-bedroom residences and 4 three-bedroomed units.
One block is at advanced stages with most of the works having been completed with only finishes, electrical and mechanical works pending.

Out of the allocated Sh153 million budget for the housing project, the Department disbursed 124.4 million to the contractor.
This substantial amount covered crucial aspects, such as site clearance, excavation, substructure work, superstructure work, walling and screed floor wing, all of which reached 100 percent completion.

However, the project now faces a roadblock as key components, including mechanical works, painting, wardrobes and electrical works remain 50 percent only complete.

The police housing project, is meant to provide decent housing for the Kajiado police personel, which will be a reprieve from their current dwellings, which are in a deplorable condition.

The brief indicates that the State Department is cognizant of the dire housing situation for the officers and is undertaking the necessary measures, to address the challenges.

By Sammy Rayiani and Diana Meneto

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