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Police in Nyeri Donate Food Items to Cancer Patients

Over 600 cancer patients at the Nyeri Hospice have a reason to celebrate the festive season, after 20 Nyeri police donated foodstuff to the facility as an early Christmas gift.

Led by Inspector David Waweru of Nyeri Central Police Station, the officers said their donation was their way of celebrating Christmas with the needy in the society.

Waweru acknowledged that the Covid-19 pandemic had dealt a blow on many families, especially those with terminally ill patients and called on the other members of the community to offer their assistance to those in need.

“Contrary to popular belief, police officers are also human beings, we also experience challenges like everyone else. These are our parents, brothers and sisters and they are also our friends. That is why we came here to share the little we have with them as we celebrate this festive season and more so, to give them a word of hope as they battle cancer,” said Waweru.

Among the donations were 10 bales of maize flour, five bales of wheat flour, 325 kilograms of rice, two cartons of cooking oil and an assortment of other non-food items.

Nyeri Hospice which has been in existence for the last 26 years, depends on donations from well-wishers to fund their operations. The facility offers free palliative care to over 600 cancer patients in the County through home visits.

According to the Hospice’s Chief Executive Officer, Stephen Musya, out of the 657 cancer patients registered under their care, more than 300 patients are in need of food assistance.

He noted that it was the first time the facility was receiving such a donation from the police officers and it would not only ensure that the recipients have food, but it would also foster a cordial relationship between the disciplined forces and members of the public.

“Majority of the patients have spent most of their resources seeking cancer treatment and therefore are limited financially to the extent they cannot afford food, so donations like this will benefit a good number of them who are bedridden,” said Musya.

By Wangari Mwangi and Winfred Njeri 


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