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Police officer killed by lynch mob

A police officer was killed by an irate mob in Kalwal village, Ndhiwa Sub County on Wednesday for allegedly being in a conspiracy with a suspected criminal.

Felix Yegon who was attached to Kobama police post in Kwabwai, Ndhiwa was stoned to death by some angry members of the public.

He was in the company of his colleague, William Ngeiywa and a man whom the villagers claimed was a known criminal.

The other policeman survived the mob justice with injuries after he hid in one of the homesteads.

The officers were in civilian attires when the incident occurred.

Eyewitnesses said the villagers were looking for the suspected criminal who was in the company of the officers, because he attacked and seriously injured a woman with a machete recently.

The Homa Bay County Police Commander (CPC), Esther Seroney said investigations had been launched into the incident.

She said they were looking for the man who was in the company of the two officers. The body of the policeman was taken to Homa Bay hospital mortuary.

The  Local Chief, Joseph Oteng said members of the public mobilized themselves and surrounded the officers and suspected criminal before they started beating them with stones and other crude objects.

The officers are said to have fired in the air but the surging angry mob refused to disperse.

“Ngeiywa and the suspect escaped but Yegon who remained behind was stoned to death. He succumbed to injuries on various body parts,” said the chief.

At the scene, a pistol and a magazine loaded with seven rounds of ammunitions were recovered.

Oteng’ said two motorcycles believed were used by the police officers and the suspect was burned.

By  Davis Langat

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